Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

To my friends at Fox News:

Well, where do I begin. This has been a wild ride these last few weeks. Not exactly how I had planned to spend this year. But I keep opening my mailbox to find the most extraordinary notes and acts of kindness from all of you here in the bureau and from Fox bureaus all over the country. I cannot tell you how your notes and well wishes have strengthened me during this challenging time. I have framed the wonderful signed caricature.

My family is doing great. My girls were not shocked when I told them about the cancer, which we speak about openly and matter of factly. But when I told them I would lose my hair - that is when their jaws dropped. I quickly explained that just like Hannah Montana we would go find some very cool wigs and that they could take them in for show and tell. Soon they were giggling about choosing different colors for different days of the week.

It's actually quite fun - Rhonda is taking me wig shopping to look for what the doctors call a "cranial prosthetic" - perhaps they think I have lost my head and need a replacement. Sometimes it feels that way.

Anyway so far so good on the chemo. In fact I may never have been healthier - I am exercising. Eating like a vegan (which may in fact kill me!)

And everyone says I must learn to visualize during this period. Some say think of Pacmen eating the bad cells. I prefer something a bit more militaristic. I'm the Commander in Chief. Al Qaeda cells have taken over parts of my body and I have signed the Execute Order and sent in the Navy Seals with a shoot to kill order. That works for me better than butterflies carrying off the tumors.

Anyway, my daughter reminds me that I have breast cancer because I have bad "jeans" - that's what she wrote in her school journal.
I just want everyone to know that I am not taking this lying down. Oi just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the heartfelt notes and kindness. I am humbled and honored to know all of you. You really know how to make a girl feel good.
And one last thing, if I may. Please please please go schedule a mammogram now for yourself or your girlfriends or wives if you haven't done so already. They really will save your life one day. My case was a bit different but for 90 percent of breast cancers now they are detecting so early that they are almost nearing a cure.

Livestrong and I hope to see you all very soon.

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