Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bald Guyz Unite

First, my friend Jim sends me a pack of "Bald Guyz". Who knew there were special wipes to keep your bald pate feeling squeeky clean and fresh and who knew how itchy and sweaty a bald head can get? And now I know why Santa wore a kerchief because it is bloody drafty at night when you don't have any hair! Thanks, Jim, for letting me in on the inside track - now that I am an honorary member. And then there is Mal James - in London - who shaved his head in solidarity - don't know exactly why he had an Iranian barber standing by waiting to do so when he got back from Australia - but that's our Mal. Welcome to the Hair Club for Men! I may never go back. Now that I know the benefits. Wash and go has taken on a whole new meaning. And I must say - it's a bit sexy!

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