Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Round 2 News Wire- Author James Rosen Fox News

WASHINGTON -- (UPI) Navy Seals, mounting a daring raid under sterile cover at Georgetown's Lombardi Cancer Center, attacked and partially destroyed a network of cancer cells inside Jennifer Griffin's body Tuesday.

The swift success of the raid, which followed weeks of indecision by the Obama White House on whether to approve it, could prove decisive in Griffin's broader war on cancer. The cells, which had massed during a spring and summer offensive, appeared disoriented and dispirited after the Seals' covert operation. A spokesman for the cells, who are believed to belong to a local affiliate of the globally active Triple-Negative group, later posted a message on a notorious Evil Cancer Cells website, saying: "This totally sucks. WTF??"

Griffin, a beloved and widely respected Pentagon correspondent who is also hot, was said to have suffered only minor bruising and a small loss of hair in the operation. But top Defense Department officials said later she showed extraordinary bravery throughout.

At the White House, senior officials said the raid would be followed up with weekly missions of a similar nature. To underwrite the effort, an emergency appropriations bill, expected to generate additional love and support, is to be submitted to lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

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