Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Round 2

Just wanted to touch base with everyone. THANK YOU for all of your kind notes - they have given me more strength than you will ever know.

So here I am hooked up to this machine that is humming away pumping the cytoxan into my veins. It's kind of like the white noise machine my mom bought me at Brookstone to sleep, but NOT.

This morning we all jumped up early (actually Luke was our alarm clock) - felt much the same as when I was heading to the hospital to be induced with him - full of energy. Packed a bag with every possible distraction to pass the time - looked like I was heading to the Continental lounge at Newark. The iPod packed with tunes the girls downloaded for Luke's arrival: a little Beyonce, Miley, Fergie (G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S) (Big Girls Don't Cry), Pink, and of course Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey. A W magazine. My new iMac (thanks, Barry!). And a chapter from Greg's book that needs editting (he finally has me immobilized - a captive audience with nowhere to run!)

The girls had a busy day ahead of them as we all blew dry our hair side by side (mine already starting to come out so I protected it in a ponytail). Annalise was heading to the White House - one of three 3rd graders chosen from her class to visit Michelle's organic garden. She was more interested in seeing Bo the dog than POTUS but hoped for rain so that they might have to take shelter in the Oval office. They bounced out the door. I hopped on the exercise bike and lifted some weights because exercise helps moves these drugs through your system and endorphins are my new Mojitos.

We arrived at Georgetown (the Lombardi Cancer Center). Greg reminded me of the famous Vince Lombardi quote: "Winning is not the most important thing - it's the only thing.".
I chuckled and told him how when Annalise was heading out the door to soccer on Saturday - I wished her luck and she reminded me: "We don't play for a tie, mom." That's my girl.

Met with Dr. Isaacs - my wonderful Canadian oncologist. And this is where it gets interesting - and yes, James, I buried the lead!
She measured the tumors and after one chemo session: they had shrunk from 9 cm by 8 cm to 6 cm by 5 cm. She was grinning from ear to ear. It shows we chose the right chemo protocal and now it's a matter of pushing through. Incredibly good news so soon. She's a genius. I told her "I'll take it."

So the drugs have entered my veins.
My visualizing the little Navy Seals going through and attacking the Al Qaeda tumor cells seems to be working.

Greg and I are on our way home.
I may go for a run it is so beautiful out.


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