Tuesday, October 20, 2009

That's what friends are for

Written October 3, 2009

So sorry I haven't been able to talk. I know you have been in touch with Caitlin. I'm kicking ass and taking names but the late night and the early mornings are the worst - when your mind plays tricks on you. I had an MRI last night at 8:45 pm - after a day of tests let's just say it wasn't the date night I was looking forward to. Greg and I walked back into that empty hospital. I went into that tomblike contraption - the technician asked if I wanted to listen to the radio. I said sure. She says: "do you like Delilah?" Delilah of the cheesy sappy make you want to cry genre. I was trapped. Had no choice. On comes - I kid you not - Dionne Warwick's "That's what friends are for". I am trapped. Must lie still. Can't cry - so I just get angry and try to remember how the kids taught me how to count in Chinese. Then the loud MRI goes through some weird whirring sound patterns and one of them sounds like to me "yada, yada, yada". I think of Seinfeld and the time passes.
No more tests. Likely start chemo on Tuesday. Should be done by Christmas. Will lose my hair in 4 weeks. Ceci contacting Erwin - the wigmaster. Can't decide whether to go back to my original color or try to look like Shakira.
Heading off to gymnastics with Amelia now. Poor Luke had to get sleep trained last night. Poor baby.
I love you all. I am being a bit sentimental right now. But trust me I am in warrior mode.

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