Friday, June 4, 2010

$23,000 and counting...

That's what we have raised so far. We have until midnight to reach our goal of $35,000. Greg and the girls and I just returned from Vice President Biden's house where he and his wife Jill hosted the launch for the Komen Race tonight. It was a lovely tented affair at the Naval Observatory. We walked there. The kids had their picture taken with Joe - I told them not to call him Joe. They ate hot dogs (some things haven't changed). I ate cole slaw and string beans. Amelia introduced herself to Mrs. Obama's mother, who was gracious enough to tell her that she would tell Malia and Sasha that they had met (which made Amelia's night). When we were leaving we were all given a pretty pink box with a Georgetown cupcake inside. (Carbo loading?) When we got home, I gave mine to Rose.

Annalise and Amelia and friend Mizia are now marking up their t-shirts for the big race tomorrow. I keep telling them we are "in it to win it!" Lights out soon. 0 dark 30 wake-up call so that we can be at the start line at 7 am. G'night.