Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Oprah series...and Fox News Sunday

Here is the link to the first two pieces that Oprah.com did on my approach to chemo and cancer. There is a great link on this page to a piece that Oprah did on Triple Negative a few years ago that they reposted with our series. Over the next few days they will post more of my interview. Check it out. I found the article on Triple Negative particularly interesting. They first traced it in a study of Nigerian women.


Also, this Sunday please tune into Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace has been kind enough to make me the "Power Player of the Week" and his team is coming to shoot Greg, me and the kids tomorrow morning. What a Mother's Day present! (Fox News Sunday appears at 9 am Eastern on your local Fox channel and is repeated on Fox News Channel at 6 pm Eastern. Check it out - especially if you want to see Luke chase his "Dogu" and dance to Shakira's "She Wolf" - his new favorite song!