Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Found a Match!

It was a 1:200,000 chance but Devan's family found a match and he will be getting his bone marrow transplant. The match came from infant cord blood (remember your ob.gyn asking you if you want to store your child's cord blood at birth - it seems a little expensive - maybe like a racket - the pediatricians and OB's don't push it because they don't like that the genetics labs are making a profit off of it - but it could save your child's life if by chance he/she has leukemia or other childhood cancers. I wish I had banked Luke's cord blood. The option wasn't available for Annalise and Amelia.) Devan's match is not a perfect 6 out of 6 but it is good enough, according to his Duke medical team. Thank you to Natasha Mukherjee for trudging over to Turtle Park on Saturday with me and getting swabbed (that's all it takes to get into the national registry). The indominitable Rebecca Cooper of ABC is still organizing a pubic service announcement with stars getting swabbed. Such an easy solution for those who may need it. Get registered!