Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Girls on the Run!

OK - so the 5K race was for 9 year-olds, but I had to test my theory that gravity does not affect my new 'friends'. So I ran like an impala and Annalise asked at the end of the race if she could finish alone. I fell back and let her have her moment all to herself. Sucking wind, I crossed the finish line (even though I had arrived late, didn't have a number and ran anyway. Greg said, the authorities would soon be looking for me. I told him that they were already looking for me for far worse.) More emotional than I expected, I got lost in the sea of 9 year-olds all wearing pink t-shirts this year - it looked like a mini-Komen race. I walked away from Annalise after crossing the finish so that she wouldn't see me crying. But it was my first 5K and I could still hear Helen and Doug Matthews (Harriet's parents) shouting my name, cheering anonymously in the crowd as I passed. Greg waited for Amelia and crossed the finish line with her. I met up with them and then became focused and a little angry when I heard over the loud speaker that Kellogg's Frosted Flakes was sponsoring the event (Luke had a free sample box in his stroller.) This was supposed to be a 'healthy' event for girls to improve their self-image. How dare they allow Tony the Tiger sponsor it. We are poisoning our children. Help, Jamie Oliver!