Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pilates anyone?

Well, they brought me up from recovery at 9 pm last night and by 10 pm I was doing a lap around the ward. They had two orderlies who accompanied me up to the 7th floor last night in order to lift me into bed but I asked that they not because it looked like they were going to grab my arms, which looked like it could be mighty painful. Instead, I put my fists in front of me in a boxing pose and wriggled using my core across the divide into the bed! Piece of cake. Thank you, Joshua! Five months of sit-ups and core work really paid off. I've done two laps this morning and I might be released this afternoon (though it will be hard to leave the morphine!) The scars are elegant and I have two lovely breasts this morning. I even caught the end of American Idol last night (though I must admit this season is a bit of a snooze.) Greg read to me all of your messages - thank you from both of us. We felt very loved last night. And, yes, I buried the lead again: it looks like my lymph nodes are clean - meaning no sign of cancer, meaning it didn't spread. Today is Annalise's birthday. What a present!