Saturday, April 3, 2010

8 going on 9

We had to celebrate Annalise's birthday a few days early due to my surgery next week...these are a few pics from the festivities. (My dear friend Andrea Wilson will have the real celebration on the real birthday at her house with her three kids on Wednesday, Annalise's actual birthday.) Christine Merkle, who has been cooking vegan delights for me thanks to my foodie friends and the great organization of Eve Conant, made some yummy chocolate flourless cupckaes and a lemon tarte with raspberry coulis. A slumber party for even a few 8 year olds has made me say more than once to Greg, "I can't wait to check into Georgetown Hospital on Tuesday - can't wait for the anesthesia, a comfy hospital bed and the forced rest - no rest for the weary at my house!" I took the girls to play soccer at their school, John Eaton today - and decided not to go easy on them. I took off my wig and there was a young blind woman with a seeing eye dog who was very chatty and Amelia said later, "at least she couldn't see that mom was not wearing her wig - at least she wasn't scared." Whatever - it was too hot to play soccer with a wig on and I had to tease the girls as I outran them and scored - not pretty to be beaten by a cancer patient, I told the girls, who were expecting me to let them win - what don't they understand? Luke went to bed tonight cuddling in my arms - his fist firmly placed in my cleavage as he finished his bottle. I am devastated I won't be able to hold and lift him for weeks - a little weepy about this at bedtime tonight, I'll be honest. And even sadder that even with my Dr. 90210 reconstruction I won't be able to feel anything in a wide swath across my chest for the rest of my life. That makes this more of an amputation that an augmentation, I told some friends on Friday. A little sad, I might add. As a result, I spent bedtime cradling Luke longer than I should have tonight. I eventually lowered him into his crib and he immediately rolled to his tummy, butt in the air, and is sleeping like a baby. I plan to join him now.