Friday, February 5, 2010

The Storm

I am heading to chemo early today because of the looming blizzard (24 inches expected) and the last time (a year ago) that we had a storm like this I gave birth to baby Luke (March 2). That morning at 5 am the nurses at Sibley Hospital called to say "Don't come. We don't have any nurses." 'What do you mean don't come?" Luke was on his way. He hadn't heard about the snow. And Greg and I drove to another hospital. All those years of Greg driving a Lada Niva in Moscow more than paid off. Today I didn't want to hear there weren't any nurses so I booked for the 7:30 am cocktail hour. (It must be 5 pm somewhere?") And now my double mastectomy is officially scheduled for Tuesday, April 6 (Annalise reminded me that is Izzy's birthday. I knew that dog was good luck.) Annalise also wants to choose my new breast size. Whatever. Dr. Shawna Willey - the best of the best - is doing the surgery at Georgetown. TTYL - which Amelia has informed me means "Talk to you later." Who knew?