Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Me and Al Roker

Well, I beat the crowds and got on the Acela train expecting Union station in DC to feel like a scene from "The Day After" - a made for tv movie that you'll remember from the 1980's about a nuclear strike on Washington, DC. Beat the snow and got to NYC in plenty of time. The ride up was like a scene from Dr. Zhivago and reminded me of many trips we took by overnight train from Moscow to St. Petersburg when we were posted to Russia in the late 1990's. Now I am ensconced in my hotel overlooking Rockefeller Plaza and will make my way through the snow tomorrow (maybe sneak in a quick skate) and arrive at the Today Show studios tomorrow, pop on some false eyelashes, draw in my eyebrows and talk to Hoda Kotb, who survived breast cancer a year and a half ago. Our scheduled time is now 8:20 am Eastern on Thursday (February 11). We'll be discussing Triple Negative, how to talk to kids about cancer, and nutrition and exercise tips to get through chemo. Seems like we have a captive audience since everyone is snowed in! So get your hot chocolate ready or set your Tivo. And Al and I will shut out the lights when we are done - since everyone else has already left for Vancouver. I may snowboard to the studios in the spirit of the Winter Games! John, have you finished the poster yet?