Friday, July 9, 2010

Super Foods

Top Ten (according to David Wolfe)
1) Goji Berries (eat them dried like raisins in your oatmeal, anti-aging, Chinese herbalists believe they can extend life.)
2) Cacao (Raw chocolate) (Chocolate is made from cacao beans - high anti-oxidants, high iron - just make sure it is extra dark)
3) Maca (highest altitude crop on earth, Incan ancestry, like a beet, can get in powder form, increases fertility, put it in your smoothies)
4) Bee Products (honey, royal jelly, etc.) (buy raw and local, bees boost your immune system and prevent allergies. Honeybees visit 2 million flowers to make a one pound jar of honey)
5) Spirulina (algae, source of protein, chlorophyl, 8 essential amino acids, alleviates anemia,
6) AFA blue-green algae (Omega-3's)
7) Marine phytoplankton (improves omega-3 absorption)
8) Aloe vera (raw liquid from cactus plant)
9) Hempseed (same family as mulberry - buy hempseed bread - and 'no, you can't smoke it!)
10) Coconuts and coconut products (powerful anti-oxidants, good kind of fat, increase speed of the thyroid, increase metabolism, help absorption of Omega-3s, no cholesterol, satiates you so you don't feel hungry for hours - the key to all of this is to regulate your blood sugar levels so that you don't have shooting insulin levels and the roller coaster of hunger that causes you to grab foods that take your system on an adrenalin filled ride.)

"Superfoods are both a food and a medicine," according to Wolfe, who imports Sacred Chocolate. More bang for buck, improve health and boost immune system, elevate seratonin levels, cleanse, help your cells throw off toxins (important for cancer patients) and make our bodies more alkaline (more on that later. Remember chronic acidity in our diets can lead to chronic illness.) Eat 'em raw and in organic form.