Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Got it! (Round 10)

Today is Tuesday....so....
Greg and I arrived early. They drew my blood. The Today Show was rolling and.... drum roll please: my white and red blood cell counts were up to 2.4 from 1.5 the week before. (1.5 is the absolute neutrofil number and is the minimum to get chemo.) I kicked back in my steel blue Laz-E-Boy and they plugged me in. They dosed me up. The pre-meds started flowing. The Benydryl kicked in and I turned up Lady Gaga. (I was gaga at that point.) Greg was by my side - we laughed out loud as we quoted scenes from Modern Family to each other. I heard the voice of Shepard Smith behind the curtain next to me. Then Jonathan Hunt. Almost thought they were there. Turned to Greg and said, "My friends are over there" and smiled and closed my eyes. They gave me both taxol and carboplatin. So I got all the drugs I needed today. Came home at about 6 pm. Luke was dancing to Shakira's She Wolf. Annalise was heading to St. Albans' gym after dinner for a quick game of dodge ball with the Carline boys. She told me Souper Girl had just been at our front door and had dropped off some black bean soup. I heated up some of "Top Chef" Christine Merkle's quinoa pilaf (thank you dear friends), threw in some extra olive oil and Chia seeds. Had a bowl of her spicy lentil salad - Jocelyn can attest to how deliciously healthy these meals are. Shh! I shared some root vegetable frittata and skewered salmon in tarragon with her last night and had a good laugh when the Today Show producer said she would like to follow me in the kitchen. I suggested that I make some oatmeal (one of the few things I cook very well each day - I jest only slightly thanks to the yummy food you all keep having delivered and, of course, Rose's invaluable help). But here's the real news: American Idol starts tonight! So now I am kicking back with the girls - curled up in bed watching our favorite show - full of protein and yummy vegetables. Life is good - which is exactly what the label says on the fleece hat that was a gift from Triple Negative survivor and friend - mother of two - Elizabeth Tsehai. I am wearing it in bed right now. Life IS good. (Except for poor Greg who right now is curled up in a twin iron bed with princess sheets on it in Amelia's room because he has to leave for work in a few hours - still working the overnight shift at NPR editing Morning Edition. But he never complains. He is definitely our best sleeper.)