Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Trees and Gingerbread Houses

We missed the John Eaton Christmas tree sale because of the rain this weekend so ended up at Dan and Brian's on Massachusetts Ave, a block up the road. Turns out Dan and Brian delivered the Christmas tree to the White House this year and regaled my girls with how they had placed individual trees in Sasha and Malia's bedrooms, which led to gasps from my same age girls. But we chose a beauty nonetheless. And then today the gift from Jane Skinner and her girls (purchased at the CAUSE silent auction for us) arrived in a big beautiful box: a gingerbread house modelled after our home (I had sent the baker pictures of our house). The girls gasped as it came through the door. They were amazed that the artist had even placed a replica of our dog Izzy on the front porch made of marzipan. Amelia declared: it's just like Bo and the White House ginger bread house. Annalise exclaimed: "It's just like Cake Boss."
And it was. Thank you, Jane.