Thursday, November 5, 2009

The "Miley"

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  1. Dear Jennifer, you are beautiful! Ashley Kincheloe-Dyson writing to you, keep kicking that cancer's ass (I hope it's ok to cuss on your blog). Though I have not seen you since high school at St. Agnes, I have kept up with you through John and Lila, and followed your incredible work over the years. But when I think of you, you are always 17, playing lacrosse, those long arms and legs gliding down the field, you are taller than everyone else, like a goddess, driven, focused, and everyone watches you, we can't help ourselves; and Mrs. Fellows stands on the sidelines in her golf skirt and tanned legs yelling, "keep going! keep going!" And we follow you down the field, we're young but not stupid, we know who the leader is.
    You were always able to balance competitiveness with graciousness. And now you are doing it again, fighting relentlessly with dignity and intent, showing all of us how to do it. And you will win, there is no doubt.
    lots of love, Ashley


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